11 Sexiest Celebrity Men

Topless VS Tuxedos

Matthew McConaughey

Fellow Magic Mike star Matthew McConaughey also showed off his incredible physique and impressible dance moves when the film hit the big screen. Dressed up for the Oscars or making girls wail on stage, he's certainly sealed his pin-up status

Tom Daly

Gorgeous Olympian Tom Daly bowls us over everytime with his boyish charm, gleaming white smile and lean, sporty body. He can cover up in a cute suit or strip off for the swimming pool, we don't care, we love him equally

Adam Levine

Rock star Adam Levine has a body fit for indie-loving girls worldwide. Covered in artistic tattoos, the Maroon 5 frontman has become a music hunk in recent years. He might look insanely hot in a suit too but we're all about those tatts

Justin Bieber

Who knew Beibs had such solid abs!? The pop hunk may litter his Instagram with topless gym shots but we forgot just how muscly this music star actually was till this picture! He looks sweet in a suit and tie

David Beckham

Becks always gives us an eyeful thanks to his semi-naked underwear campaigns (thank you H&M!) but also looks equally gorgeous in a suit. Hmmmm. Let's just stare at this for a little bit longer, because we REALLY can't pick a side

David Gandy

British supermodel David Gandy works his abs for a living so it's no wonder he looks utterly smoking in his boxers. But a white suit, sharp tie and smouldering stubble? We'll just have both thanks, Santa


We can't believe that hunky R&B star Usher is almost 40! With his rock hard stomach and smooth skin, he's a sight for sore eyes. Especially in a tweed suit

Brad Pitt

He must be the hottest man alive because Brad Pitt is still blindingly beautiful even when he's bruised and battered with blood all over his abs. He doesn't look bad in a bow tie either!

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is a seriously manly man. With his broad athletic shoulders and designer stubble, he's worthy of a full sized poster above your bed, top or no top

Zac Efron

Zac Efron has girls going wild all over the world with his twinkling blue eyes, cheeky smile and sculpted torso. Whether he's in his underwear or a smart suit and tie, he's undoubtedly one of the hottest men in Hollywood

Channing Tatum

Former stripper Channing Tatum not only has epic muscles but he knows how to work his body. The talented dancer had us open-mouthed in Magic Mike and looks just as handsome covered up in a suit. We're slightly more in love with his topless snap