Now And Then

15 Actors First Red Carpet Moments


The red carpet is the place for celebrities to make a statement without really saying too much verbally. The red carpet is all about fashion. Who is wearing what? Who designed what? Who styled who? Those are the questions that are repeatedly asked on every red carpet. If a celebrity is fortunate enough to stay relevant for quite some time then they will make many red carpet appearances over time and each time they will be carefully watched. The following list of some celebrities then and now red carpet moments. The first time of the red carpet can be a little intimidating, especially when no one really knows who you are and your career has started to bring in the big bucks yet. Look how some celebrities transformed form their first step on the red carpet to their most recent stroll (By: Trueceleblife).



Emma Stone

Emma Stone has made a few appearances on television shows as a child, but her acting career did not really launch until the 2007 comedy film Superbad. A year before Stone made her first red carpet appearance at the Replay Brand party. Jeans and a tank top was her attire for that night. At the London premiere of Aloha, her recent film she wore a more elegant looking dress.