12 Hilarious Summer Pictures




I wish I could see the big, dog-shaped white bit on his butt when the bloke gets up!

(Photo Credit: tenerifedogs)

The best place to sunbathe! I bet this happened in a Wal-Mart parking lot

Bake cookies in a car?

You betcha! In Amarillo, the temperatures soar to over 100 degrees, and about 200 degrees in a closed car. Brittany Nunn of the Amarillo Globe-News baked chocolate chip cookies in her car

Planking or sunbathing?

Hot in Vegas

(Photo Credit: The Social Poets)

Meet the Grinch of summer

(Photo Credit: New Funny Pics)

Sunblock failure

(Photo Credit: cheezburger.com)

And you think that skincancer is the only bad thing that can happen to you while sunbathing?

(Photo Credit: guzer.com)

But it's too hot outside…

(Photo Credit: themetapicture.com)

Birds feel it too!

(Photo Credit: themetapicture.com) By: oddee