Most Beautiful & Creative Video

This Guy Made His Girlfriend The Best Gift Ever!!!!


Yahel Alkabetz , animator and illustrator, decided to try to break some routine and surprise his partner. “Daniel has been working very hard as a waitress and encountering Whit a lot of terrible customers. It was a time when they hardly saw each other, then I decide to surprise her, and work on something for both of us. I wanted it to be something original and unique, that people have not seen before.

Instead of going for a romantic dinner, book or a weekend,Yahel Purchase colored markers, crayons and boxes of pages at a cost of close to 1500$ and add to his cart camera and tripod, and for five whole months worked nights on a magical stop-motion video all To cheer Daniel. This video includes over 2000 different paintings painted by his own hand and were grouped together to create wonderful animation.


At the beginning of the video, that received hundreds of likes and shares on his Facebook page, seems Yahel as he sits in his room and working on a drawing. He sent Daniel a message and she write back, “I just want to be somewhere else. I miss you.” From that moment, the video gets crazy plot twist, and using his artistic talent and sweeping music of Studio Tunevision, they went on a journey full of love.

“Most of the work on the video kept in secret, but at some point the house was filled with thousands of drawings that was pretty hard to hide it. Also, I need it to complete filming the video” so he told her and “Daniel was thrilled and excited like crazy, just like a little girl, just like when I met her at the age of 17 “.

Is There more romantic than this?!