The Man And His Journey

After My Son Died Of Cancer, We Spent 10 Years On The Road Rescuing Each Other


Eleven years ago a bad card was dealt. My only child, son Lance, passed away from liver cancer at the tender age of 26. I tried to lead what so many call “the normal life” while a personal chef around the world for the rich and not so famous, but it did not work out.

I rescued my dog Spirit from a shelter in Georgia, he rescued me from my despair and having nothing left to lose. We both left on a motorcycle with a sidecar for him, some camping gear and a camera. Spirit is like my “Master”, my “Mother Nature”. We are still going up and down the country following the good weather and the beautiful isolated spaces to camp in. It’s like “our” therapy.

Last year, after my mother passed away, “we” wrote a book “Freedom On Both Ends Of The Leash“, and this winter – a “Photo Coffee Table Book“, which includes nine years of photography with quotes and maps.

We stay busy and never have dull moments while hiking, cooking and writing. You cannot miss us on the road, the beautiful back roads we ride on. Give us a wave, it is always part of our life’s therapy. Trust me, it works, get out from your four walls and you will find out. The road is a great teacher and so are the ones we met on their shoulders (By: Boredpanda).

Spirit in full gear in his sidecar

Taking a break in the desert

Taking a break near Moab, Utah

Spirit always enjoying the rides