“She had one breast removed and underwent chemo while carrying her miracle baby,” Murray added. “She was induced at 36 weeks in order to receive more treatment.”

The boy, who also was not named in the post, was born “ready to prove to the world his strength he inherited from his strong mommy,” the post continues. “He latched on to her remaining breast all on his own and the room erupted in so many emotions.” 

Murray said in her post that the photos captured the “definition of strength, love, and pure raw beauty.”

“I am beyond blessed to have met and gotten to know this woman and her family, and so honored she asked me to be there to document these precious moments,” she wrote. 

Murray urged others to share the photos and continue to pray for the family. 

Since the two images were posted to Facebook they have been “liked” over 290,000 times, shared over 68,000 times and have received numerous comments from users, with many other women telling their stories of battling cancer while pregnant.

The Story Of A Brave Woman

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