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Research Shows Connection between Snoring and Dementia

The connection between snoring and physical and mental ailments has long been an accepted fact in the medical world. Now there is clear evidence that snoring can also have long term negative effects on the brain. Snoring creates a disruption in natural breathing patterns during sleep. The sleeping person can stop breathing for a moment or more while snoring. The pause in our breathing is called sleep apnea and it can impact our brains negatively.

The Neurology journal recently published research results indicating that people suffering from sleep apnea are more likely to experience memory loss and mild cognitive impairment at a younger age than people with other sleeping disorders. The research was conducted on 2,000 people as part of the Alzheimer’s disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) at NYU. Heading the research program was Dr. Ricardo Osorio a research assistant professor of psychiatry at the university.

The snoring patterns and degeneration of the patient’s cognitive statues was monitored over the course of three years. The participants in the study who reported snoring experienced signs of slight cognitive impairment and memory lapses approximately twelve years before participants who didn’t suffer from snoring. People who experience mild cognitive impairment were found to be more likely to develop Alzheimer’s dementia. The study took into account variables such as age, gender, general health, weight and genes and the results still pointed to a strong connection between snoring and Alzheimer-related diseases. The scientists emphasized that snoring and sleep apnea are not always a cause of dementia and that the danger of snoring effecting your cognitive abilities depends on several other factors for example snoring is more likely to effect the cognitive abilities of older people.


How Does Snoring Cause Dementia?
Snoring has the potential to disrupt breathing causing an accumulative number of short number of short periods when the brain neurons are deprived of essential oxygen. This leads to a disruption of normal blood flow patterns caused by hypertension and other symptoms resulting in Alzheimer’s. Another possible connection between snoring and dementia could be the protein amyloid. Amyloid is the protein attributed with causing Alzheimer’s; it builds up throughout the day when we are most active and diminishes at night when we sleep. If your sleep is disturbed by snoring then the amyloid protein has more time to be produced and build up and less time for low amyloid production.

Is There Hope?
Dr. Osorio included in his research results the observation that you can counteract your snoring habits using a device like the cumbersome CPAP machine users find uncomfortable to use and so not very popular. Alternatively an Anti-Snoring Supporter could easily solve your snoring problems and your cognitive abilities will diminish at a natural rate unaffected by snoring.

How Does it Work?
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