Revealed: The Inside Of A wave

12 Photos of how Surfer-Photographer captures the precise moment the world’s biggest waves break


Surf photographer Clark Little, 44, from Hawaii, shoots waves from within with his waterproof camera. He has braved waves up to 15ft high at beaches across the world. Pictured here are his stunning shots of the water crashing from the air back down onto the sand. His tool is a Nikon D300 with a fish eye lens. The ultra-wide angle fish eye creates a wide panoramic picture. The camera is then cased into a waterproof box. Photo Credit: Clark Little (By: Dailymail).

Wave photographer Clarke Little captured this picture during a morning photo session from inside the tube at Teahupoo, Tahiti's most famous surf break. Breaking on a very shallow reef, this spot is known as one of the deadliest waves in the world.