Recycled Animal Art

Recycled PET Plastic Bottle Plant And Animal Sculptures By Veronika Richterová


We already knew that you can make awesome recycled projects out of bottles, but Veronika Richterová has turned this into an art form!
Richterová, based in the Czech Republic, uses heat to twist, turn and cut up the bottles and give them natural forms. Soda and mineral water bottles become flowers, cacti, frogs, and even crocodiles! Over the years, she has used thousands of bottles, and has developed many ways of shaping them.
PET bottles are derived from oil and are notorious for not degrading in nature. This means that they have to be collected and recycled – into fiber for clothing, construction materials, other PET containers and so forth.
In addition to making PET art, she hosts a PET-ART museum, where she collects bottles from around the world. Currently, the museum hosts about 3000 pieces from 76 countries (By: boredpanda).