Is Snoring Bad for You?

The short answer is – yes – snoring is bad for your physical and mental health

First you need to understand what is actually happening to your body when you snore. When you go to sleep the muscles in the roof of your mouth, tongue and throat relax. The tissues in your throat can relax to such an extent that they partially block your airway. This causes your entire respiratory system to vibrate when you take a breath and a sound is produced from the obstructed flow of air. This means that the amount of oxygen getting into your body and reaching your brain or heart is limited.

If this were to happen once or twice it could be overlooked but with snoring it is a continual build up of small moments of restricted breathing which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and other complications. Psychologically snoring disturbs your sleep, thus leaving you tired all day, irritable, frustrated, unfocused, anxious and with a lowered sex drive. Snoring has even been linked with depression and a lower quality of life. A person’s snoring not only infringes on his or her quality of life but also affects their partner who has to try and get to sleep through the noise.

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Take Snoring Seriously
The danger with snoring is that it is often not taken seriously. If you had a major injury or disease you would rush to a doctor to get it treated but people tend to put off handling their snoring, often until it is too late. The person snoring is asleep and so can never truly appreciate the effect he or she is having on the people around him or on his mental and physical health.

Cause and Symptoms of Heavy Snoring
When air cannot move freely though your airways while you sleep it causes snoring. Snoring can be caused by sleeping in a suboptimum position, abnormalities of the soft tissue in your throat, narrow airways, being overweight, your mouth anatomy, sinuses, smoking, alcohol consumption or allergies. Sleep apnea is the main cause of snoring, this is when you pause your breathing for a moment during sleep. The warning signs that your snoring is having a detrimental effect on your health include but are not limited to, a sore throat, restless sleep patterns, chest pain especially at night, high blood pressure, gasping or choking at night, excessive sleeping during the daytime and fatigue or lack of focus during the day. If you are waking up choking in the middle of your sleep you should see a doctor.

Treatment of Snoring
The simplest solution to solving a snoring problem is to prevent the excessive relaxation of the mouth muscles during sleep. Breathing through your mouth due to relaxed jaw muscles is the easiest way to become a snorer. So use of an Anti-Snoring Jaw Supporter can instantly solve your problem.


How Does it Work?
When your jaw opens during sleep, your tongue moves to the back of your throat, further blocking your airways and limiting the air you can inhale. As previously described, the air that does make it through causes the noisy vibrations we all know as snoring.

The Stop Snoring Today chin strap works by supporting the jaw and keeping the jaw and tongue in the correct alignment, thereby keeping the airway unobstructed. Unobstructed airways = NO MORE SNORING!