4seating.com – Editor’s Choice



4seating.com is our 2019 Editors choice for Home Theater Seating & Custom Theater Decor

For over a decade, 4seating.com has been delighting home theater lovers with their unparalleled range of premium seating.


Whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or a pro home theater fanatic, 4seating.com has everything you could ever need to enjoy your favorite movies in maximum comfort. Not only do they provide the very best seating solutions from brands such as Palliser, Coaster, Jaymer, and Berkline, but they also produce their very own line of in-house theater seating. The choice of home theater seating at 4seating.com is unrivaled by any other company in the United States.


You’ll find cosy multimedia loveseats, unbelievable comfy lounge sofas, and even professional-grade, tiered cinema-style seating.  4seating.com also gives you plenty of customization options to ensure your seats are perfect.  You can add features like cup holders, adjustable power headrests, power recline, USB charging ports, folding tables, LED lighting, or even experience-boosting SoundShaker speaker technology! What’s more, even once you’ve settled on your ideal seating setup, 4seating.com has a whole section dedicated to home theater decor, allowing you to show off your favorite movie posters and memorabilia, or even replicate your favorite movie theater with columns and curtains!


To arrange your perfect seating setup, simply calculate the measurements of your home theater and decide how many seats you want, then head to 4seating.com to take a look at what they have to offer. Once you have an idea of what you like, get in touch with one of their home theater seating experts online or over the phone (toll-free) who’ll be able to work out the best deal for you.  If you have any questions they’ll be happy to help, and they’re always available to provide knowledgeable suggestions.

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