Get Drunk, Do Yoga

Top 10 Drunken Yoga Poses


Drunken yoga is the new way to perform yoga it seems, and the best part is you can have a workout without realising. Exercising isn’t the most fun activity and most people will avoid it at all costs. Because we all know we would rather grab a McDonald’s and play on the Xbox than break a sweat.

Saying that, we have broken a few sweats from eating McDonald’s.

Ok, you’ve just woke up and if your headache and your hangover wasn’t enough, you feel an aching sensation in your lower back. But wait, you only had a few drinks last night with a few friends, why on earth are you aching? Well, my friend, that is down to drunken yoga and we have 10 poses below to show a few stances that you may have recreated the night before.

The following top ten drunken yoga poses are not only funny but they are the most common positions that people pass out in that resemble yoga poses. So get ready to see some crazy positions the body can actually fall asleep in (By: Ultimatetop10s).

Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose

Apparently, the Bhujangasana pose is supposed to strengthen the spine, stretch the chest, shoulders, and abdomen, help to firm the buttocks, and it also relieve stress and fatigue. But, I am sure the guy in photo will not benefit from any of this the next day. He may also have a strange urine aftertaste in his mouth too.