Expedia – Editor’s choice

Expedia is Editor’s Choice as the Leading Website for Tourism Products

Over the past few decades, vacationing around the world has become more and more accessible for people who may never have had the opportunity before. While prices have plummeted, and travel choices have increased exponentially, this can actually make it harder for would-be travelers to decide what their most convenient – and cheapest – option is. In an effort to make the whole process more straightforward, especially when booking a vacation with different destinations and a lot of “moving parts,” hundreds of travel companies have sprung up, aiming to streamline the process while finding the best deals on accommodation, flights, car rentals, and tours. In some respects, having this many options has made things more confusing than before, as it can be difficult to know which company is going to give you the best deals and service; however, one online travel agency has the experience that no one else can come close to.

Initially founded as a division of Microsoft back in 1996, Expedia was spun off into its own entity three years later and has spent the past 22 years helping millions of customers book vacations seamlessly, and at the best prices available. Their booking system is intuitive and user-friendly, making it suitable for those unfamiliar with making reservations online, and their size and reputation means they have access to the broadest range of services and prices anywhere online. Expedia lets you mix and match your providers -including airlines – so you can fully customize your travel itinerary and create your ideal vacation experience, and it will even make helpful suggestions for activities you weren’t aware of before. Booking for other travelers is also straightforward when using Expedia, as their system will save all of their details for next time, including their frequent flyer information, so making future bookings is quick and easy. If you continue to use Expedia, you can take advantage of their Expedia Rewards program, and the more you travel, the more money you can save on your next trip. You’ll also gain access to exclusive travel deals, preferential pricing, and complimentary VIP services.


What’s more, Expedia have now launched their groundbreaking travel-planning application, “Scratchpad.” The process of deciding what you want to do on your vacation has always involved a complex back-and-forth of ideas, with changing dates and preferences for activities, but Scratchpad takes the hassle out of planning, by automating the note-taking process, searching for the lowest prices and intelligently storing all of your searches. You can even switch back and forth between your computer and the mobile app when you want to piece together your trip on the go.

Although there are a number of travel companies out there that can help you save money and arrange your travel itinerary, nobody comes close to Expedia in terms of knowledge, service, experience, and value. Over the years they’ve only gone from strength to strength, making them the clear pick for our Editor’s Choice.


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