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10 Chocolate Leftover

creative ways to use up your leftover chocolate

OK, we know that ‘leftover chocolate’ is a bit of anomaly, but just imagine what you can do whit it… Sure, eating it is one option, but why not transform it into something new with one of these clever blogger ideas (By Inspiration.Sainsburys).

1. Leftovers povitica

Thisisrocksalt’s combination of chocolate, walnuts and coconut make a unique, sweet and uniquely swirly dessert that will go down a treat when entertaining guests (Photo Credit: By thisisrocksalt).

2. Gluten-free chocolate and hazelnut cookies

gluten free cookies that are packed full of nuts and chocolate (Photo Credit: By Glutenfreescdandveggie.blogspot).

3. Chocolate and hazelnut cake

Wineandolives’ traditional Italian recipe is a nutty choice, great for chocolate lovers and a winning dessert for any post-Christmas dinner party. We love the sprinkle of icing sugar adding a festive touch (Photo Credit: By wineandolives).

4. Chocolate fridge cake

Musingsofagem’s chocolate fridge cake provides the perfect excuse to mix all the leftover chocolate, fruit and nuts you have lying around (Photo Credit: By musingsofagem).