8 Celebs Check Out Celebs

Top Celebs Caught Checking Out Other Celebs


It maybe a little hard for you to comprehend, but celebrities are just like you and I. Believe it or not but they do in fact eat food, and contrary to popular belief, they breathe the same air as us. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if they used toilets too — maybe even public ones! And Just because you get caught (usually followed by a clout around the face from your wife) every time a hot chick’s arse “accidentally” crosses your field of view, doesn’t mean celebrities don’t get caught checking out other people too (By: Ultimatetop10s).

Brad Pitt Checking Out Angelina Jolie

The date is The Golden Globes 2012 and it seems that even after all of these years Brad Pitt still has the hots for Angelina Jolie, awww. Unless she had a pot noodle stain on her dress — we hate those. Yeah, a celebrity couple that is still together today, which is like a breathe of fresh air.