16 Celebrity Pets – These Guys Have It Made!

The Most Ridiculously Pampered Celebrity Pets!

Celebrities live such glamorous lives. They’re in the spotlight constantly, having every part of their personal life examined. And yet, it seems like we know so little about who they really are. Like, what do they do with their lives when they’re not on screen or being chased by paparazzi? What happens when they wake up in the morning? What do they eat for breakfast? It’s all a mystery. But, one thing is for certain: Celebrities love their pets just as much as we love our own. The only difference is they’ve probably never had to clean up a litter box or throw out a poop bag.

From chickens to cats and cute little pooches, we’ve done our research on the most pampered celeb pets out there.

Amanda Seyfried’s Australian shepherd, Finn

This pup made his own late night debut on Letterman. He even performed some tricks! (Photo Credit: Page Six).