Celebrity Couples That Will Make You Believe In Love

Because They Are Still Madly In Love, All These Years Later!

Celebrity couples are always in the news for their typically whirlwind romances. Whether it’s Britney Spears’ absurdly short 55 hour marriage to Jason Alexander, or Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra who didn’t make it past day 9, famous duos aren’t known for establishing lasting relationships.

These twelve couples have bucked the trend, however. And at 50+ years old, you know they’ve definitely done something right to establish such rock-solid partnerships. Read on to see who they are and how they do it (By: Newsforants)

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

Hanks and Wilson have been together for over 26 years, celebrating their anniversary in the spring. Hanks once ‘lamented’ on the Ellen DeGeneres show that, “The only thing we ever argue about is who loves each other more.” Talk about true love!