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True Miracle!!! (VI...

They Weren’t Sure If Their Child Would Live, But Its Recovery Was A True Miracle   The birth of Ward Miles was an occasion of mixed feelings. Sure, his parents welcomed  … Read more


A Dog Meet New Baby

After This Family Dog Meets The New Baby, He Does Something That Melts My Heart   When new parents bring a baby home for the first time, there’s usually an  … Read more


Breakfast Popsicles...

And They Are The Greatest Thing You Could Ever Eat   When people think of popsicles, “healthy” and “breakfast” are definitely not the first words that come to mind. Yet  … Read more

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Most Amazing Record

Daredevil Freddy Nock breaks 30-year-old highest tightrope record with walk across Swiss peaks   Fearless tightrope artist Freddy Nock added to his collection of Guinness World Records titles this afternoon  … Read more


Fragile Childhood &...

Anti-Drinking Ad Shows How Children See Parents Who Drink   This is a Swedish anti-drinking ad that asks a simple question, “how do children see their parents when they’re drunk?”  … Read more


Powerful Ad Campaig...

Shows That Women Can ‘Choose Beautiful’   Dove has released a video of an interesting social experiment called #ChooseBeautiful that challenged women around the world to decide to be beautiful  … Read more


Surprise! Now Guess...

They told her Mom to look for the surprise in the kitchen. When she found it… OMG !!   the only thing they told her it was hidden somewhere, and she  … Read more

The World’s M...

The man with the world’s stretchiest skin‎ shows off his talents   Gary Stretch of Holton-le-Moor near Grimsby is said to have stretchiest skin in the world and is showing  … Read more