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Hoping For The Ultimate Freedom Of Iranian Women

Free Women, Free Ha...

10 Iranian Women Post Pics With Their Hair Flying Free To Protest Strict Hijab Laws   Wearing the Islamic hijab veil is mandatory for women in Iran, and in 2014,  … Read more


Windows Of The World

I have always had a curiosity about windows   Like the structure of houses, they change from region to region and “Windows of the World” was born, a big evolution  … Read more


Life Smartphone

This animated video is the best representation of smartphone addiction — and its harmful effects — we’ve seen. It’s definitely not the first of its kind, but it does have  … Read more

If you have backache, want toned abs and wish to have stronger legs and spine then the Prasarita Padottanasana Pose is your friend. If you wish to pass out and you are dreading waking up to throwing up randomly then it’s also a great drunken yoga pose to perform over the toilet.

Get Drunk, Do Yoga

Top 10 Drunken Yoga Poses   Drunken yoga is the new way to perform yoga it seems, and the best part is you can have a workout without realising. Exercising  … Read more

If only dogs could talk. We feel it would have gone along the lines of something like this: “Karen, I swear down, give me that Frisbee or I will rip your head off! Right…”

Be Careful! Sidewal...

Top 10 Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster   From hilarious, terrifying, to sometimes pieces of art, here are top 10 of the best moments where cameras took the perfect pictures  … Read more


animals In The Mirr...

The response of the animals that see their reflection for the first time   Are animals able to identify themselves when they look at their reflection in the mirror? This question  … Read more

Life Is Too Short F...

Tired of working that 9 to 5 job in a cramped office space?   See how a German online recruitment website aimed to break people out of the mold and  … Read more


Extreme Sitting On ...

Gorgeous Girl Sits On People In The Street! And She Almost Get Raped   She certainly didn’t expect this Prank end up like this!

Tiny House In Tokyo

15 Tiny Homes

That Make The Most Of A Little Space   Small and efficient homes, whether in the city, out in the country or even on the road, are becoming more and  … Read more

These four couples have been best friends for 20 years, so they decided to make a tiny town just for themselves

A Story About Good ...

Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town To Grow Old Together Four couples that have been best friends for 20 years wanted a better way to live closer to each  … Read more

Among the balloons in Valley of the Gods

The Man And His Jou...

After My Son Died Of Cancer, We Spent 10 Years On The Road Rescuing Each Other   Eleven years ago a bad card was dealt. My only child, son Lance,  … Read more