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Donald Duck – 81 (1934 – …)

Many Years From Now...

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14. Blizzard + Ingenuity = Win

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In Flight Food Audition

The Secret Behind

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Life Smartphone

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If you have backache, want toned abs and wish to have stronger legs and spine then the Prasarita Padottanasana Pose is your friend. If you wish to pass out and you are dreading waking up to throwing up randomly then it’s also a great drunken yoga pose to perform over the toilet.

Get Drunk, Do Yoga

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If only dogs could talk. We feel it would have gone along the lines of something like this: “Karen, I swear down, give me that Frisbee or I will rip your head off! Right…”

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animals In The Mirr...

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Life Is Too Short F...

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Extreme Sitting On ...

Gorgeous Girl Sits On People In The Street! And She Almost Get Raped   She certainly didn’t expect this Prank end up like this!

The Biggest Dogs In...

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When that – and a quick flash of the puppy dog eyes to camera – doesn’t work, he goes in with failsafe strategy number two: making lots of noise.

When that too fails, at the end of the clip, he can be seen checking behind him as he tries to figure out what type of black magic is at work here.

We can’t wait till he discovers mirrors (By:

Little Puppy Hiccups

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