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the premiere of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody Allen can be seen clearly checking out what the Black Widow has to offer. If he was any closer his tongue would be around one of those bad boys. Not the most subtle of looks, but hey, good on him. Just too bad he didn’t try a little cheeky finger on side-boob action.

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Okay, so the facial shape and eyebrows are a bit different – but the practically identical lips, nose and big brown eyes more than make up for it. Just comb those strays into place and Hathaway is almost as beautiful as Belle herself.

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The absolute best selling album of all time. Thriller by Michael Jackson sold anywhere between 51 and 65 million copies world wide 
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We were expecting great things from this Oscar winner who usually wows on the red carpet but she chose a Calvin Klein white dress completely covered with 6,000 pearls (Photo Credit: Windsorstar).

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