Arts & Crafts (40)

Girl before mirror, 1932

Amazing Art On Cake...

I Recreate Famous Paintings On Cakes   I am Maria A. Aristidou, best known for creating art with coffee, now introducing a new project: Art on Cakes. I made these  … Read more

Van Gogh with Flowe...

The Annual ‘Corso Zundert’ Parade Honors Van Gogh with Monumental Floats Adorned with Flowers   Another year, another Corso Zundert (previously), the legendary parade of giant floats adored with thousands  … Read more

1. Usa Bookshelf

13 Of The Most Crea...

Despite the advent of e-books, many of us still value the tactile experience of flipping through a paper book   These creative bookshelves, then, are the perfect places to store  … Read more


27 Miniature Calend...

 Made From Household Items   Have you ever looked at broccoli and thought of a tree in a forest? Or that a Jenga tower was a construction site in the  … Read more

Masterfully Crafted...

At the 2015 Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival   Last weekend, Boston’s Revere Beach (established in 1895 as the first public beach in the US) was transformed into an  … Read more

Beautiful Street Art

Mexican Government Asked Street Artists To Paint 200 Houses To Unite Community   A youth organization that’s been known to use graffiti as a means of expression has teamed up  … Read more

Coffee-Stained Leaf...

Created with Remnants of a Morning Brew   Indonesian artist Ghidaq al-Nizar (aka @coffeetopia) began as a latte artist, but has taken his craft to another level by deconstructing frothy  … Read more

Amp up a room with bright color.  Although you can bring in a burst of color with a rug, you can use something more subtle as well, like flowers

On The Cheap….

15 Decorating Ideas At Low Costs   You can decorate your home with just a little imagination—just check out these decorating ideas at low costs. For even cheaper ideas, read  … Read more

Superhero Bookends

 That Save Books From Falling Down   Created by the imaginative folks at Israeli design studio, Artori Design, are the Book And The Hero, and Supershelf – a pair of  … Read more

Most Beautiful ...

This Guy Made His Girlfriend The Best Gift Ever!!!!   Yahel Alkabetz , animator and illustrator, decided to try to break some routine and surprise his partner. “Daniel has been  … Read more

Food + Fashion, Tri...

12 Beautiful Combination Between Food & Fashion   When it comes to fashion let’s face it while we can live without that super gorgeous pair of shoes from Jimmy Choo,  … Read more