Be Careful! Sidewalk In Front Of You

Top 10 Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster


From hilarious, terrifying, to sometimes pieces of art, here are top 10 of the best moments where cameras took the perfect pictures – seconds before people experience pain.

So you’re telling us you’ve never laughed at the wrong time? Like when a small child falls of their bike or a fat man breaks a chair? How about when a granny falls down on a frosty morning? The only person you’re lying to is yourself you know.

There are TV shows such as Jackass and Dirty Sanchez where the whole idea behind the shows is for people to experience pain for others to gain happiness. So go on, laugh away (By: Ultimatetop10s).

You Chicks Wanna see Something Cool

“You chicks wanna see something cool?” 2 seconds later… “What, to see you break your back? Well done!”