5 Prank Videos That Will Leave You Speechless

Everybody loves a good prank…at least when you’re not the one being pranked. These prank videos are a bit more tasteful than the mean pranks you usually see people do where they damage other people’s property or scare others with mean threats. Hopefully, these videos will brighten up your day a bit after getting a good laugh or two. Without further ado, here are 15 prank videos that will leave you speechless! (By: Boredbug).


The Drowning Baby

You know what’s funnier than a baby in a carriage? A drowning baby in a carriage! Luckily, this baby is not real and is merely a doll. However, these innocent bystanders don’t know that. Watch as this man scares pedestrians on the boardwalk as his baby apparently drowns to his death.


Phone Glued To The Floor

When you see giant lines forming right after a new Apple product has released, you know that people aren’t just going to walk past an iPhone lying on the ground for the taking. Jokes on them, though! This iPhone is glued to the floor, so keep on walking you greedy little pigs.


Caramel Apple Or Caramel Onion?

This is an evil prank, and props to Intel for coming up with such a great idea to promote internet security. People who get the questions wrong in this video are subject to a caramel onion, while people who answer correctly get a nice caramel apple. They sure look the same, but they definitely taste different!


The Invisible Driver

Imagine working at a fast food restaurant in the middle of the night, when suddenly the driver in the car is nowhere to be found. This man here is a master of disguise, as he uses his driver’s seat costume to hide his entire body. I’d freak out just as much as these cashiers if that were to ever happen to me!


Mortal Kombat

Test your might! You’d be lucky to walk out of this elevator alive since you pretty much have a jacked Liu Kang trying to rip your guts out, fatality-style. Obviously Mortal Kombat isn’t real, but could you imagine if there was actually a murderer dressed as a Mortal Kombat character in the elevator?