15 Hilarious Love Notes

That Prove We Still Know Romance…


No generation has been as misunderstood, analyzed and reviled as the Millennials. And it’s no wonder this group is trying to be figured out because someday soon they will make up the majority of the workforce. Here are some things to know about millennials: they are givers – donating money and their time to good causes. They are not willing to compromise their values. They are worried about the world and want to somehow make a positive impact. They feel marriage is becoming obsolete. And perhaps the thing to really know about millennials is that they firmly grasp the art of romance (kinda), which is evidenced by these hilarious love notes (By: Popculturerevolt).



“Husband, welcome home. I’m hiding in the house with a nerf gun, here is the other one… The Loser cooks dinner tonight. May the odds be ever in your favor. XoXo Wife.”

You gotta hand it to millennials, they are a fun bunch. They will often decide who will do the laundry, clean the gutters or change the baby with a quick game of rock, paper, scissors.