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Girl before mirror, 1932

Amazing Art On Cake...

I Recreate Famous Paintings On Cakes   I am Maria A. Aristidou, best known for creating art with coffee, now introducing a new project: Art on Cakes. I made these  … Read more

Madonna: "Everyone probably thinks that I'm a raving nymphomaniac, that I have an insatiable appetite, when the truth is I'd rather read a book."


15 quotes from famous women on our favorite topic: sex (By: Purpleclover)


Van Gogh with Flowe...

The Annual ‘Corso Zundert’ Parade Honors Van Gogh with Monumental Floats Adorned with Flowers   Another year, another Corso Zundert (previously), the legendary parade of giant floats adored with thousands  … Read more

“I wanted to do something that had never been done before”

World’s First Glass...

Will Let You Swim 115 Feet Above London   Luxury is about to be redefined in London. An ambitious project plans to build a “sky pool” made entirely of glass  … Read more

4. Blue Angel (Glaucus Atlanticus)

14 Most Beautiful S...

That Prove Aliens Already Live On Planet Earth   Most of these “slugs” are actually snails that have lost their shells and gained new characteristics through evolution. For example, sacoglossans  … Read more

12. Family

16 Pics Of Birds Cu...

For Warmth Will Melt Your Heart   Birds are warmblooded animals, which means that they maintain their body temperature independent of the environment. However, their often tiny size forces them  … Read more

We enjoy the fake calligraphy attempt. We wonder if her boobs really are the best. And how does one decide? And how many boobs does one have to… experience in order to be a good judge of boobs? We thought we had once seen the best boobs and now we are wondering if they were his wife’s?

15 Hilarious Love N...

That Prove We Still Know Romance…   No generation has been as misunderstood, analyzed and reviled as the Millennials. And it’s no wonder this group is trying to be figured  … Read more

Spend the day riding roller coasters, eating funnel cakes or just people watching.

9 Great Ways to Cel...

Gat Some Ideas Explore the iconic summer traditions that make America great, from a road trip across the states to a barbeque in your backyard. Get ideas for spending time  … Read more

Stunning Underwater...

Lets Guests Dine next to Ocean Life   At the Subsix restaurant, located in the PER AQUUM Niyama resort in the Maldives, guests can dine with the fishes. The subterranean  … Read more

(Photo Credit: Nationalgeographic)

15 Amazign Photos F...

Nature, sea, people and animals   This amazing combination of animals to human beings and nature brings us back to our roots and in these pictures is breathtaking! This photos  … Read more


A Dog Meet New Baby

After This Family Dog Meets The New Baby, He Does Something That Melts My Heart   When new parents bring a baby home for the first time, there’s usually an  … Read more